Cooking Class

Meat Dishes

Beef & Chicken Class

Doro Keye Wet

Available in Chicken Class

Beef Keye Wet

Available in Beef Class

Doro Alicha wet

Available in Chicken Class

Beef Tibs

Available in Beef Class

Kitfo Beef

Available in Beef Class

Vegan Dishes

Red Lentil wet

Yellow Lentil wet

Potato wet

Chick peas wet

Shero Wet

We offer a mixture of meat and vegetable cooking classes.

Come join us in a unique Ethiopian cooking class, where you’ll learn how to cook traditional Ethiopian food like a pro! Our classes are perfect for all skill levels, and we’ll be happy to customize the class according to your needs. Sign up by paying below, and we’ll see you in the kitchen soon!

 Days: Monday – Saturday

Time: 10 AM – 6 PM

Available Seats/Class: Minimum 4 and Maximum 6